Series 2H, 2HX, 2HD, 2HDX, 3H, 3HX, 3HD & 3HDX Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
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For cylinder options not listed, please consult factory.
Component Code Description Files Warning Special Instructions
Cylinder or Configured Service Parts CYL Cylinder
Bore Please Select
Cushion Head Please Select
Double Rod _ Single Rod
Mounting Please Select
Special Mounting _ Standard mounting style dimensions
Mounting Modification _ No Mounting Modification
Combination Mounting _ No Combination Mounting
Series Please Select
Piston Please Select
Port Type Please Select
Seals Please Select
Nut Retained Piston _ No Nut Retained Piston Option
Special Please Select
Piston Rod Number Please Select
Piston Rod End Please Select
Piston Rod End Alternate Thread _ No Alternate Threads
Piston Rod End Thread A A - Imperial (UNF, UNC, UN, BSF)
Cushion Cap (or Second Head) Please Select
Stroke Please Select inch
Port Size - Head Please Select
Port Location - Head 1 Port Position 1 - Head
Port Size - Cap (or Second Head) Please Select
Port Location - Cap (or Second Head) 1 Port Position 1 - Cap
Part Special Instructions:
Special Instructions: